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WonderFil Eleganza 8wt Perle Cotton Holiday Pack

Designed for hand embroidery and wool applique?, these beautiful threads are the perfect seasonal accompaniment to your holiday handiwork! Eleganza™ pulls wonderfully through all fibres and fabrics and boasts a tight twist with low lint, making this a staple thread for any hand embroidery enthusiast.

This popular thread comes with 3 free wool/felt ornament patterns, perfect for embellishing using the Eleganza™ threads in your pack!

Frosted Landscape

Deck the Halls

Modern Christmas

EZ100 - White

EZM1040 - Blizzard

EZM1038 - Nocturnal

EZ700 - Winter’s Breath

EZM1008 - Dark Pine

EZM1099 - Deep Jungle

EZ25 - Rosewood

EZ426 - Nutmeg

EZ200 - Black

EZM1011 - Pastel Peach

EZ420 -  Polished Amber

EZ410 - Khaki

EZ33 - Marsh Green

EZM1034 -  Canopy

EZ124 -  Deep Foliage

EZM1013 - Patinated Leather

EZM1054 - Mulled Wine

EZ612 - Dry Wine

EZ06 -  First Snow

EZM1037 - Shield Bearer

EZM1059 - Citrus

EZ21 - Crown Jewel

EZ628 - Shinto Gate

EZ1055 - Ball Pit

EZ154 - Granny Smith

EZ144 - Emerald

EZM1021 - Meditation