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Why Choose Four Pines Quilting?

Are you in dire need of some supplies for quilting in New Hampshire? Perhaps you need a new sewing machine? Four Pines Quilting is here to provide what you need, and we believe you should choose us when it comes time to shop for supplies. Allow us to explain why we are a great choice!

All Kinds of Fabric Supplies
Whether you require some new machinery or just need to stock up on thread, Four Pines Quilting has you covered. We offer fabrics, threads, sewing machines, and more. Come check our vast stock out and find the materials you need!

Exclusive Items
Though supplies for embroidery or sewing are usually our forte, we have some unique items as well! They are often exclusive, and are certainly items you cannot find anywhere else. You can get the thread you need and find something unique for your antiques collection at the same time.

Four Pines Quilting has been involved with quilting for about 15 years, and our extensive knowledge is shown through the various products and advice we can offer our beloved customers. We are happy to help you. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned quilting expert, we can point you in the right direction.

Machine Maintenance
If your sewing machine needs a little extra TLC, no need to worry - Four Pines Quilting is happy to assist. We offer repairs, cleaning, and routine services to bring your machine back to life, or make it better than it ever has been!

If you need quality supplies for quilting in New Hampshire, Four Pines Quilting is here for you. Our array of products, services, and expertise make us the best quilting shop around. For more information about our services and company, please give us a call at (603)-543-3311!