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Heirloom Flowers - Heirloom Collection

Heirloom sewing came about in the last quarter of the 20th
century and often imitates fine french hand sewing from
the first quarter of the 20th century. Our techniques in our
heirloom collections encompass cutwork, hand stitched
embroidery, lace and shadow work. For this heirloom collection we wanted to combine our beautiful hand stitched flowers with cutwork. Traditional cutwork requires hours of cutting with tiny scissors and a magnifying glass. We have made this labor intensive technique even easier by completing everything right on your embroidery machine. With a few easy cuts of the fabric, your machine does the rest and fills in the heirloom stitches creating elegant timeless designs. By using traditional linen fabric and tonal colors, this collection features beautiful floral designs that shine and glisten on the fabric. This timeless technique looks best in tone-on-tone colors but you are not limited to white and cream. Simply choose your base linen color then choose a few thread colors darker and lighter to use in your design. This will pull the whole project together effortlessly and look like you spent days on this traditional heirloom technique instead of a few hours.