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Patchwork Petal Quilt - Full Collection


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Anita Goodesign has been designing floral embroidery designs for many years and they are among one of our favorite items to create. The new Patchwork Petal Collection contains 35 different floral embroidery designs. What truly makes this collection so unique is how it was created. The Collection was drawn from an original art piece titled Rosa Canina? from Stephen Wilson Studio. The floral blocks were originally digitized to create only an art piece, but as Rosa Canina? began to form in the studio, we started to envision it as a patchwork quilting collection too! The creative team fell in love with these designs and we hope you do too. We guarantee you have never created a quilt like this before. Different embroidery techniques ranging from realistic to hand-stitched to applique are used throughout the entire collection, but the overall floral theme gives rise to the new Patchwork Petal Quilt. The tutorial will teach you how easy it is to combine different sized blocks to create one large quilt. The endless possibilities will keep on blooming!