Four Pines Quilting

Saturday Sampler Rules

  • This years theme is Blackberry Wine. You MUST sign up by July 1st 2017
  • There will be two color choices, Burgundy and Tan (Toscana) or Blue and Cream (Aged Muslin)
  • Sign-up fee is $10 and must be paid at time of sign-up
  • Saturday Sampler begins July 15th 2017
  • SS is always held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Store hours are 9:00am – 3:00pm.
  • Doors open at 9:00am
  • First demo begins at 10:00am
  • Second demo begins at 2:00pm
  • Attending a demonstration is not mandatory. However, you MUST come into the shop that day to pick up your kit.
  • You MUST bring your last month's block to receive your next kit for free.
  • Finishing kits will be available after the second month
  • SS patterns are NOT meant to be shared with anyone who is not enrolled in SS, they are copyrighted.
  • If you miss 2 consecutive months, we will assume that you have dropped out and will no longer assemble kits for you. Your sign-up fee will not be refunded.
  • There will be a $5.00 fee assessed for the following reasons listed below. You will never be asked to pay more than $5.00 a month even if several reasons apply to you. Please do not ask us to make any exceptions
  • You will pay $5 if you do not complete your assignment from the previous month
  • You will pay $5 if you send someone else in to pick up your kit
  • You will pay $5 if you miss Saturday Sampler for any reason
  • You will pay $5 if you do not bring your completed block with you to show us