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Holiday Gift-Giving Made Easy!

The holidays are coming at us fast. It seems the winter months never give us enough time to get our ducks in a row. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are only a few weeks to get all your gifts and decorations ready. No matter what holiday you celebrate in December, chances are you’ll be looking for gifts for more than a few people. One of the best gifts you can give is a handmade craft for your loved one. For those of you who aren’t creatively inclined, try giving craft supplies for those in your life who are. From the Brother Luminaire to a handmade quilt, here are the best gifts for and from hobbyists this season.


Everybody needs a quilt. It doesn’t matter who you are; a quilt is always a good thing to have around the home. Especially in New England, the cold weather knows how to chill you to the bones. This season try making quilts for those you hold dear. The materials are relatively cheap, and the effort you put in will show them how much you care.


Again, not everybody is a creative genius. If you aren’t left brain dominant, use the right side of the brain to find the best gift for the artists in your life. Supplies like thread, needles, and fabrics may sound trivial, but they’ll make a big difference for the hobbyists you know.

Sewing Machines

Every year, new sewing and quilting machines hit the market. With these sewing machines come advancements in technology that make mastering a craft easier. The new Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1 makes quilting and sewing easier than ever before with its state of the art features. Any quilter you know would love this for a present.


If you are creative, try making something useful for your loved ones. Potholders and towels make great gifts. They’re products that people don’t want to spend money on new ones and can be made at home for a fraction of the price. Plus, potholders and towels allow you to practice our embroidery skills too.

Whether it’s the Brother Luminaire or a quilt of your own design, gift giving is all about the love behind the present. Be ready for the holiday this season by finding the best present for the hobbyists in your life. Contact Four Pines Quilting at 603-543-3311 or visit them online.