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The Best Brands for Crafts

Everybody needs a creative outlet. Taking up a creative hobby releases stress and allows you to express yourself. Quilting was once thought of as an old wives’ skill. In recent years, quilting has become more popular for all ages. Part of that has to do with the advancement of technology. Sewing, embroidery, and quilting are easier than ever before. For those considering taking up quilting in New Hampshire, these are the brands for you:


Brother has been a home and office supplies company since 1954. With a focus on quality, Brother has been creating some of the best sewing supplies around. With their newest product, the Luminaire Innov-is XP1, they’ve created an excellent sewing machine. Brother’s crafting products focus on making sewing, quilting, and embroidery as easy as possible so you can focus on creativity.


Floriani has been a well-known name for embroiderers for years. Walter Floriani Jr. is known as the Guru of Digitizing due to his skill at digitizing embroidery work. Over the years he has taught thousands of commercial embroiderers. While known for his embroidery, Floriani also makes products for sewing and quilting to better aid creative hobbyists hone their skills and make their vision come to life.


WonderFil is a spin-off company of Wonderful Network Limited. While Wonderful Network Limited dealt with manufacturing their own line of yarn and thread products, WonderFil focused in on specialty threads. WonderFil specialty threads have a unique texture, visual appeal, and sewing capabilities that make them a craft store favorite. Give their threads a try the next time you’re quilting in New Hampshire.

Anita Goodesign

Anita Goodesign was started back in 1994 by Steve Wilson. His interest in graphic design led him to take up machine embroidery. When he combined these two interests, Anita Goodesign was born. The combination of graphic design and embroidery led to the digitization of embroidery. Now with Anita Goodesign products, crafters can work in intricate embroidery designs like never before.

There you have it. These are four of the best brands money can buy when it comes to quilting in New Hampshire. If you don’t have a creative outlet, think about quilting. It helps take the edge off a long day and gives you a way to express yourself. All of these brands are available at Four Pines Quilting. Contact Four Pines Quilting at 603.543.3311 or visit them online today!