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Meet the Brother Luminaire!

For those of you out there who enjoy sewing, embroidering, and quilting in NH, there’s a brand new tool out there to take your crafts to the next level. The Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1 just came out August 7, 2018, and has a whole new bunch of features to enhance and simplify your crafting needs. Here are the top ten features of the Brother Luminaire!

1. Revolutionary StichVision Technology
This feature allows you to visualize your design on your fabric before a single stitch. With a 5” x 3” preview area, you can map out your next steps precisely how you want them to look. This eliminates the chance of messing up intricate stitches.

2. Guideline Markers
The Luminaire Innov-is XP1 has guideline marker lines and grids. You have choices of single, double or angled lines and grids to project onto your project. This allows for precision. This feature also helps when creating parallel stitching, multiple rows of stitches, curtain rod pockets, cross-hatch quilting, and hems.

3. Embroidery Area
You won’t find a bigger embroidery area from other products. You can create larger embroidery patterns than ever before with the Luminaire’s 10 ⅝” x 16” embroidery area!

4. Spring Lever Release Frame
The Luminaire has a superior grip with rubber plates on both sides. It also allows easier, clamp-free hooping than ever before. That’s because it comes with an ergonomic spring release lever.

5. Workspace
No matter the size of the project, the Luminaire’s 65” of workspace can handle it. This is their largest workspace in history and provides a needle to arm distance of 13.1”. Because of this larger workspace and needle-to-arm distance, a rolled up king-sized blanket can fit with ease.

6. Embroidery Pointer
The Luminaire comes with a built-in embroidery pointer. The pointer can display a T mark in three colors. This feature shows you the center of your embroidery design, and also where the needle will drop on the fabric.

7. One Action Needle Plate
The One Action Needle Plate feature allows the operator to change between the needle plate settings without having to break out a screwdriver. The needle plate can switch between five levels of bobby winding. This cuts back on time and effort.

8. Echo Quilting
The echo quilting feature allows even more control over the details of your design. You can now follow the contours of your original design. You can adjust the spacing to customize your design as you expand outwards.

9. Built-In Tutorials
Long gone is the need to search for your user’s manual. The Luminaire has 30 built-in tutorials to show you how to use and operate all of the features of the sewing machine. This feature allows you to make the most of the Luminaire Innov-is XP1.

10. LCD Display
The LCD display screen is better than ever. The icons are large and easy to see so you can scroll through the menu and see what you need to see. The display works like a tablet so you can slide, swipe and navigate with ease on this 10.1” space.

With features like that, who wouldn’t want a Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1? Make your next project embroidering, sewing, or quilting in NH with the Luminaire. Be sure to visit Four Pines Quilting in Claremont NH for all your quilting needs.