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Why You Should Start Quilting

For too long, people associate quilting with the older generations. They view it as a hobby for grandmothers who have retired. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Quilting is to adults what art class is for elementary students. It’s a release of all your creative energies and an art. There are a variety of perks to quilting in NH. For one, it keeps your mind sharp. For another, it’s good for the soul. Here are five reasons you should start quilting!


You always hear stories on the news about people living to an older age to see the final chapter of some pop culture franchise like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Quilting can give you that same sense of purpose. By starting a project that you want to finish, you give yourself a reason to keep motivated. It also helps to schedule times for your quilting. By creating a schedule, you feel as if you have power over your activities.


There is nothing in the world that feels as good as finishing something you’ve worked hard on. Whether that means a final exam or a shift at work, it feels good to know you did it. Quilting can give you that same feeling of accomplishment. By putting in the final stitch, you’ve created something that didn’t exist before. Plus, you worked hard to do it. Quilting is a reason to feel proud of yourself.

Stress Relief

Crafting reduces stress. This is a widely-known fact. Quilting in NH keeps your hands busy, and it keeps your mind going, but it lets you focus on something other than your day-to-day life and worries. Quilting gets you thinking creatively, which has been known to increase mindfulness in a person.

Gift Giving

Quilts are a great gift for any occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday, everybody can use a quilt. What’s even better is that quilts represent the person who gave the gift as much as it does the person receiving. Homemade gifts demonstrate love and appreciation between two people. Nothing feels better than giving somebody a gift they can actually use that you made just for them.


Happiness is absolutely a result of quilting. When people feel empowered, feel accomplished, lower their stress, and give gifts, it makes them happy. Getting involved in a craft is a great way to boost your mood and share that happiness with the people around you.

With reasons like these, there’s no reason to put off quilting in NH any longer. Of course, these reasons also go for sewing and embroidering. Check out your local craft store like Four Pines Quilting to start your next project.