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Choosing The Best Thread for Projects at a Quilt Shop in New Hampshire

We at Four Pines Quilting are proud to be a quilt shop in New Hampshire, and we consider ourselves quite the experts in all things quilting. From thread to the types of brands we offer, we understand how important it is to find the ideal thread for your next quilting project. Use the following guidelines and find out which will work best for your project! 



  • Color 

Sure, it may be a very basic qualifier, but it is still something to keep in mind! Think hard about what colors you want present in your project, and what kind of feeling you want to display in your work. Once you have that down, choose the right color(s) and your project will look great! 



  • Thickness 

Threads are very different, and all kinds of lengths, brands, and thicknesses are available. As a quilt shop in New Hampshire, we advise you do some thinking and understand what thickness will work best for your project so you can work with it efficiently and create the image you want. 



  • Consider Brand 

If there is a significant amount of a certain brand available at a shop, chances are it is a brand that is trusted and works well. Bearing what you require from a company in mind is important, and a brand’s name is often indicative of its quality. 



  • Material 

Threads are also varied in material as well. Whether you are creating something simple or more intricate, finding the right base material thread is made of will help immensely. Otherwise, it may not work as well for the project you had in mind. 






When it comes time to stock up on supplies, especially thread, bearing these tips in mind will help you find the thread you need to get your project done. When you require quality thread and more supplies from a quilt shop in New Hampshire, come visit Four Pines Quilting. For more information about our shop and our products, please give us a call at (603)-543-3311!