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Avoid These Mistakes While Quilting in NH

Picking up a new hobby is exciting and rewarding. Especially with something like quilting, which offers a physical product as a reward for your labor. However, there are all kinds of mistakes to be made along the way. For a successful attempt at quilting, Four Pines Quilting advises against the following. We are here for all of your quilting in NH needs, from supplies to advice! 



1.) Purchasing Too Much or Too Little 

How else would you get your quilting project started? You need the supplies, so stocking up is inevitable. However, the proper amount is best. When you purchase too much, you have a bunch of material that you probably won’t need to use. When you lack material, it simply won’t cut it. 



2.) Not Setting Aside Time 

You will need plenty of time to complete your quilting project. While it may seem daunting at first, creating a simple schedule to follow will make a world of difference. 

Preparing for the task before you do it makes the project that much easier, while lack of preparation can make it difficult. 



3.) Lack of Safety 

You will be working with sharp objects, after all! Take the necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines. If you have any doubt, come on over to Four Pines Quilting. We are thrilled to speak with you about quilting in NH! 



4.) Choosing The Wrong Fabric 

Not all quilts are alike. Before you head to Four Pines to stock up on quilting supplies, take the time to think about what kind of texture and feel you want. After consideration, you will be able to find the fabric to create the quilt of your dreams! 



5.) Diving In Headfirst 

While it becomes a bit simple when you get the hang of it, a person probably won’t get quilting right on the first try. It requires precision, detail, and a steady hand. Look around for advice, see if someone can teach you, or turn to other avenues to get the crucial information you need. 





When you avoid these mistakes, your quilt will be as lovely as it is warm! For all of the supplies and advice you need to kickstart quilting in NH, Four Pines Quilting has you covered. Give us a call at (603)-543-3311 and see what we can do for you!